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Arun Jain, M.D.
Arun Jain, MD has been helping people lose weight in Crawfordsville for over twelve years through his unique and specialized weight management program. The MediSlim weight loss program features a scientific approach to maintaining health and fitness through the use of nutritional and behavioral counseling, exercise programs and leading drug therapies.

Many people that struggle with their weight try to lose weight on their own through traditional diet and exercise techniques, but often these traditional weight loss methods are not successful. Medical weight loss plans such as the MediSlim weight loss program feature physician supervised monitoring and support that will help you to successfully lose weight and keep the weight off long term.

Office Schedule

Mark these upcoming dates on your Calendar. Our office will be closed on November 26th, December 23rd, and December 30th! Please see Latest News for COVID related changes. 

Program Overview

  • Medical and Lifestyle Risk Analysis
  • Complete Medical Assessment
    • History & Physical Examination
    • Comprehensive Blood Work
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Body Composition Analysis
  • Medical Treatment
    • Weekly Monitoring
    • Weight Loss Medications
    • Vitamin & Herbal Supplements
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Behavior Modification Training
  • Exercise & Fitness Training
    • Athena Sports & Fitness Center
    • Crawfordsville Community Center
  • Weight-Loss Maintenance Program

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