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Upcoming Office Closings

Posted: Jul 15 in News by

Please note we will be closed on June 5th, July 3rd, July 31st and September 18th 2019.

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Shopping for Your Weight Loss Diet

Posted: May 08 in Blog by

As you lose weight in Crawfordsville, it’s time to start learning how to make the most of every trip to the grocery store. By focusing exclusively on healthy food and keeping the bad stuff out of your cart, you can ensure that only the best choices make it home with you. While it’s true that meal replacements like OPTIFAST can make your weight loss diet much easier, you won’t be able to rely on them forever—healthy groceries are a must if you hope to maintain a healthy diet long-term. [Read more]

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As You Lose Weight, Find Fun in Fitness

Posted: Apr 25 in Blog by

If you think exercise is boring, it may be time to step off the treadmill and into a more exciting activity. There are so many ways to work out that you should never resign yourself to something you don’t enjoy. During your diet and weight loss program, Crawfordsville is full of opportunities to build your fitness and embrace a more active way of life—all you have to do is explore them. [Read more]

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Why a Workout Buddy is a Valuable Weight Loss Ally

Posted: Apr 08 in Blog by

Working out alone is not always an exciting prospect. Though you may drag yourself to solo calorie-burning sessions at the gym to keep up the progress of your diet and weight loss program in Crawfordsville, sweating it out with nothing but the treadmill for company is probably not your idea of an exciting afternoon. [Read more]

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Emotional Eating: A Diet and Weight Loss Difficulty

Posted: Mar 26 in Blog by

When you’ve had a stressful day or a lonely evening, have you ever found yourself rummaging through the fridge despite your lack of hunger? As you stay focused on your diet and weight loss efforts in Crawfordsville, it’s important to remember that an empty belly isn’t the only thing that can make us want to eat. Emotional eating is a hurdle that many need to overcome during medical weight loss, but it’s one that you can leave behind you with a little dedication. [Read more]

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The Nutritional Facts of Diet and Weight Loss

Posted: Mar 05 in Blog by

When it comes to weight loss strategies, sitting down and reading might not sound too productive, but when it means learning more about how to follow a healthy diet your mind is one of your greatest tools. That is where nutrition labels come into play. Nutrition labels are posted on the side panel of every box, bag and bottle of food and drink that you will come across and can be especially helpful to you as you focus on diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville. [Read more]

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Boost Weight Loss with a Gym of Your Very Own

Posted: Feb 27 in Blog by

Let’s face it: making it to the gym isn’t always easy. After a long day at work, we’re sometimes much more apt to stay home than hoof it to the gym, especially if a dozen other responsibilities are vying for our attention. But the progress of your diet and weight loss program in Crawfordsville will depend on regular workouts, and so go to the gym you must—unless you have a way to work out at home. [Read more]

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Lose the Soda for Diet and Weight Loss

Posted: Feb 04 in Blog by

Over the past couple of years, soda’s reputation has taken a huge hit. While no one ever really looked at soda as a part of a healthy diet, for many years its daily consumption was overlooked and not considered too much of a problem. In light of the growing numbers of Americans considered obese or overweight, more people have come to look at soda as an inherent problem in our culture and diets. [Read more]

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Cooking Tips for Your Diet and Weight Loss

Posted: Jan 22 in Blog by

Sticking to your weight loss diet while eating out is hard to do, but for many people the task of cooking a healthy meal at home is even more difficult. For the sake of your diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville it is time to learn how to cook a few healthy meals. The good news is that by learning just a few healthy tricks you can start cooking nutritious meals for you and your family tonight. [Read more]

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Diet and Weight Loss on the Menu

Posted: Jan 07 in Blog by

For many people, the concept of losing weight means following a low-calorie diet with the help of meal replacements, and essentially swearing off restaurants and fast food joints. But as you go about your daily life in Crawfordsville staying away from menus forever is not very practical. At some point you will find yourself face to face with a long list of entrees, and it will be up to you to make a healthy choice so you can leave the restaurant feeling great—not guilty. [Read more]

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