Professional Team

Christy Shillings

Christy Shillings, RN

Christy is a registered nurse. Her primary responsibilities include assessing patient’s weekly progress by weight and vital signs, offering motivation and checking for problems along the way.

Buffie Voorhees

Buffie Voorhees

Buffie is the office manager for MediSlim. She assists with front office responsibilities as well as patient follow-ups. She is also the office manager for Women’s Health Specialists.

Laurie Martin

Laurie is the pharmacy supervisor for Medislim. She greets patients, prepares the prescriptions, and maintains the pharmacy logs for prescription medications.

Crystal Ellinger, PBT MLT (ASCP)

Malorie is our patient care coordinator.  She is primarily responsible for new patient testing including EKG, labwork, photos and body composition testing. She also checks patients progress and vital signs at follow-up visits.