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Think Yourself Thin

Posted: Sep 01 in Blog by

Each and every one of us hears those annoying little voices in the back of our heads, the ones that urge us to indulge despite our every best intention. When these voices insist that just one piece won’t hurt or might as well eat another, they threaten to ruin your Crawfordsville weight loss program—but you don’t have to let them. These voices come from within you, and so only you have the power to quash them. [Read more]

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Finding Happiness Wherever you Are

Posted: Aug 15 in Blog by

While the sunny weather of the summer months is enough to keep some of us chipper as the long days linger on, others find themselves feeling a bit bleak despite the heat. There are stressors all around you, and sometimes those stressors really take the best of you. Whether prompted by a professional concern or uncertainty in a relationship, dreariness can set in even on the nicest of days outside—and frustration with your weight loss in Crawfordsville can sometimes push you over the edge. [Read more]

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Weight Loss Fact or Fiction?

Posted: Jul 27 in Blog by

As you progress through your medical weight loss program you are going to come across many tips and tricks that promise to help you shed the remaining pounds and deliver you to a thinner, healthier lifestyle. However, some of these tricks are simply unrealistic hoaxes that lead hopeful dieters astray in order to persuade them to buy a particular product. [Read more]

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The Genetically Modified Truth

Posted: Jun 22 in Blog by

Ever since genetically modified foods were first introduced in the 1990s, the debate has raged over their environmental impact and potential consequences for human health. Though proponents have championed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as a solution to world hunger, others have long been wary about the ways that genetically engineered plant foods might affect us. [Read more]

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Buy Organic when it Counts

Posted: Jun 08 in Blog by

When visiting local Crawfordsville grocery stores, medical weight loss patients are always faced with the question: to buy organic or not to buy organic? Though buying organic food has its health benefits, organic food prices tend to be higher than those of generic food products. Not only do organic foods typically taste better, they also limit your exposure to residue or pesticides often lingering on their common counterparts. [Read more]

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Keep up with Weight Loss on Vacation

Posted: May 21 in Blog by

It’s almost summertime in Crawfordsville, Indiana—what better time than now to start planning for that long-overdue summer vacation? Planning a vacation can be almost as fun as the actual trip, as you anticipate all the relaxing, shopping and dining out that you’ll do in new places. Don’t get too caught up in the idea of a real getaway that you forget to adhere to your medical weight loss program guidelines. Yes, vacation is supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch all your hard work and weight loss efforts for a week of splurging only to return feeling more sluggish and tired. [Read more]

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Don’t Make These Fitness Mistakes

Posted: May 08 in Blog by

As part of your commitment to your medical weight loss program, you have been being good and heading to the gym every night after work, but you don’t feel a difference. While you can’t expect a single workout to produce results overnight, it is always nice to feel that burn the next day to remind yourself how hard you pushed your body. But when that burn doesn’t come, it can be easy to get discouraged. [Read more]

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Benefits to Developing a Medical Weight Loss Plan

Posted: Mar 07 in Blog by

For many people, weight control is extremely hard, bordering on impossible. Not only is it frustrating, but it can contribute to an onset of depression, feelings of zero self-worth, and in some cases, those struggling with their weight may form serious health conditions. While some of the most common addictions are those to drugs and alcohol, there are those who struggle to lose weight due to an addiction to the very thing causing their anxiety–food. [Read more]

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