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The Nutritional Facts of Diet and Weight Loss

Posted: Mar 05 in Blog by

When it comes to weight loss strategies, sitting down and reading might not sound too productive, but when it means learning more about how to follow a healthy diet your mind is one of your greatest tools. That is where nutrition labels come into play. Nutrition labels are posted on the side panel of every box, bag and bottle of food and drink that you will come across and can be especially helpful to you as you focus on diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville. [Read more]

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Lose the Soda for Diet and Weight Loss

Posted: Feb 04 in Blog by

Over the past couple of years, soda’s reputation has taken a huge hit. While no one ever really looked at soda as a part of a healthy diet, for many years its daily consumption was overlooked and not considered too much of a problem. In light of the growing numbers of Americans considered obese or overweight, more people have come to look at soda as an inherent problem in our culture and diets. [Read more]

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Cooking Tips for Your Diet and Weight Loss

Posted: Jan 22 in Blog by

Sticking to your weight loss diet while eating out is hard to do, but for many people the task of cooking a healthy meal at home is even more difficult. For the sake of your diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville it is time to learn how to cook a few healthy meals. The good news is that by learning just a few healthy tricks you can start cooking nutritious meals for you and your family tonight. [Read more]

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Diet and Weight Loss on the Menu

Posted: Jan 07 in Blog by

For many people, the concept of losing weight means following a low-calorie diet with the help of meal replacements, and essentially swearing off restaurants and fast food joints. But as you go about your daily life in Crawfordsville staying away from menus forever is not very practical. At some point you will find yourself face to face with a long list of entrees, and it will be up to you to make a healthy choice so you can leave the restaurant feeling great—not guilty. [Read more]

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The Too Sweet Life

Posted: Sep 26 in Blog by

Do you like the taste of sugar? If you answered ‘no’ to the above question, there’s no need for you to keep reading. Unlike the rest of us, you shouldn’t have any problem avoiding the consumption of sugar and all the diet-related conditions it contributes to, like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and cancer. [Read more]

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The Genetically Modified Truth

Posted: Jun 22 in Blog by

Ever since genetically modified foods were first introduced in the 1990s, the debate has raged over their environmental impact and potential consequences for human health. Though proponents have championed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as a solution to world hunger, others have long been wary about the ways that genetically engineered plant foods might affect us. [Read more]

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Buy Organic when it Counts

Posted: Jun 08 in Blog by

When visiting local Crawfordsville grocery stores, medical weight loss patients are always faced with the question: to buy organic or not to buy organic? Though buying organic food has its health benefits, organic food prices tend to be higher than those of generic food products. Not only do organic foods typically taste better, they also limit your exposure to residue or pesticides often lingering on their common counterparts. [Read more]

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Developing a Healthy Diet

Posted: Apr 13 in Blog by

Maintaining weight loss long-term doesn’t happen with a simple diet. Too many people know firsthand the pitfalls of fad diets. You may lose weight, but before you even have a chance to head out for a smaller pair of pants the bulge is back. Yo-yo diets, the popular term used to describe the constant back and forth of weight gain and loss, actually pose potential dangers to your health. Instead of losing weight one week only to gain it back the next, focus on keeping weight off long term by changing the way you think about dieting. [Read more]

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