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As You Lose Weight, Find Fun in Fitness

Posted: Apr 25 in Blog by

If you think exercise is boring, it may be time to step off the treadmill and into a more exciting activity. There are so many ways to work out that you should never resign yourself to something you don’t enjoy. During your diet and weight loss program, Crawfordsville is full of opportunities to build your fitness and embrace a more active way of life—all you have to do is explore them. [Read more]

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Why a Workout Buddy is a Valuable Weight Loss Ally

Posted: Apr 08 in Blog by

Working out alone is not always an exciting prospect. Though you may drag yourself to solo calorie-burning sessions at the gym to keep up the progress of your diet and weight loss program in Crawfordsville, sweating it out with nothing but the treadmill for company is probably not your idea of an exciting afternoon. [Read more]

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Boost Weight Loss with a Gym of Your Very Own

Posted: Feb 27 in Blog by

Let’s face it: making it to the gym isn’t always easy. After a long day at work, we’re sometimes much more apt to stay home than hoof it to the gym, especially if a dozen other responsibilities are vying for our attention. But the progress of your diet and weight loss program in Crawfordsville will depend on regular workouts, and so go to the gym you must—unless you have a way to work out at home. [Read more]

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Build Muscle, Lose Weight

Posted: Oct 16 in Blog by

In the world of fitness and weight loss, cardio activities like running, biking and swimming get most of the attention. But for those who dread the idea of walking in place for miles, the treadmill isn’t going to be much help as you try to stay motivated and on track with diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville. Increasing your activity will help with your medical weight loss goals, but there is an entire world of fitness outside of the cardio room at the gym that you can explore as you lose weight. [Read more]

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Don’t Make These Fitness Mistakes

Posted: May 08 in Blog by

As part of your commitment to your medical weight loss program, you have been being good and heading to the gym every night after work, but you don’t feel a difference. While you can’t expect a single workout to produce results overnight, it is always nice to feel that burn the next day to remind yourself how hard you pushed your body. But when that burn doesn’t come, it can be easy to get discouraged. [Read more]

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