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Emotional Eating: A Diet and Weight Loss Difficulty

Posted: Mar 26 in Blog by

When you’ve had a stressful day or a lonely evening, have you ever found yourself rummaging through the fridge despite your lack of hunger? As you stay focused on your diet and weight loss efforts in Crawfordsville, it’s important to remember that an empty belly isn’t the only thing that can make us want to eat. Emotional eating is a hurdle that many need to overcome during medical weight loss, but it’s one that you can leave behind you with a little dedication. [Read more]

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Diet and Weight Loss to the MAX

Posted: Dec 24 in Blog by

When you first started out with your diet and weight loss routine, even a simple workout probably felt fresh and invigorating. Walking a mile around the block was a challenge, every yoga pose came with new obstacles to overcome and making it through a full hour of your cardio class was a long-term goal. But now you can get through that course in a breeze, and the last time you walked a mile around your neighborhood you didn’t even break a sweat. [Read more]

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A Home Fit for Weight Loss

Posted: Nov 15 in Blog by

Though you may think that your weight loss center in Crawfordsville is the most important location for your weight loss progress, this is not necessarily the case. Dr. Jain and the MediSlim team will give you the tools you need for your healthy diet and weight loss, but your home is where you’ll use those tools most often. This makes a healthy home an essential part of successful weight loss. [Read more]

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From To-Do into To-Done

Posted: Oct 26 in Blog by

Most of us have a lot on our plates. Between family obligations, work deadlines and taking care of the house, finding time to focus on your diet and weight loss goals can be rough. As things pile up, it is easy to become overwhelmed by a daunting list of things you need to do. For many of us, as things pile up we become more myopic on the amount that has to be done, and it becomes harder to actually get started and do something about it. [Read more]

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Three Weight Loss Myths and the Facts to Set Them Straight

Posted: Sep 19 in Blog by

When it comes to weight loss, Crawfordsville has many weight loss myths buzzing around, and when you are trying to lose weight it’s important to know how to separate the facts from the common misconceptions so you don’t get pulled in by a weight loss scam. [Read more]

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Finding Happiness Wherever you Are

Posted: Aug 15 in Blog by

While the sunny weather of the summer months is enough to keep some of us chipper as the long days linger on, others find themselves feeling a bit bleak despite the heat. There are stressors all around you, and sometimes those stressors really take the best of you. Whether prompted by a professional concern or uncertainty in a relationship, dreariness can set in even on the nicest of days outside—and frustration with your weight loss in Crawfordsville can sometimes push you over the edge. [Read more]

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Keep up with Weight Loss on Vacation

Posted: May 21 in Blog by

It’s almost summertime in Crawfordsville, Indiana—what better time than now to start planning for that long-overdue summer vacation? Planning a vacation can be almost as fun as the actual trip, as you anticipate all the relaxing, shopping and dining out that you’ll do in new places. Don’t get too caught up in the idea of a real getaway that you forget to adhere to your medical weight loss program guidelines. Yes, vacation is supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch all your hard work and weight loss efforts for a week of splurging only to return feeling more sluggish and tired. [Read more]

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Portion Control 101: Losing weight with a smaller plate

Posted: Apr 27 in Blog by

Have you ever sat down to eat at a restaurant and had trouble getting up again once the meal is over? With today’s ballooning portion sizes, it’s remarkable that we can ever squeeze out of the booths at our favorite dining establishments. Our plates keep getting bigger and so do we. Next time you go out to eat, take the time to actually look at how much is on your plate. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to eat all of this?” [Read more]

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